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Video is a powerful tool in any fight for social, educational or environmental change.  This is especially true in the Metropolitan Detroit area, where blight is rampant and resources are few and seemingly always being spent elsewhere on someone else's issue.  Walton Specialty Video, while not free or pro-bono, is an affordable way to get your issues distributed to officials, in a manner that gets their attention and gets action for your cause.  Examples are below:

Pontchartrain Heights Community Assoc.


This area association is seeking to address area blight by producing a mini-documentary on the Livernois Avenue commercial strip between Grand River and Davison and the Dexter Avenue commercial strip between Tyler and Waverly streets.   The video and interviews were conducted in Mid-Winter 2014 and presented to City Councilman Gabe Leland and the Mayor's Office. 


We happily report that in March 2014 the first building in the series was razed and removed by the City, after a 6 year fight to have it done and we believe that mini-documentary produced by Walton Specialty Video provided an essential tool in the fight.  Let us help you tell your story......   (313) 444-5624

Ron McNeir in Studio A


While commissioned to record some proprietary work at a world famous location, we had the opportunity to capture Ron McNeir of the Four Tops at a newly tuned Steinway piano, where he gave us this story and performance.   If you have the opportunity, when visiting Detroit, experience the Motown Museum where musical history was made!


Let us help you tell your story......  (313) 444-5624

Eugene White - Baseball Prospect



This video was brought to us as raw footage for editing, by the subject's uncle.  Using highlights of the footage of the high school senior as well as his statistical information as he stated it, we crafted this highlight reel for the purpose of seeking scholarships at colleges and universities for the coming Fall term.  We wish him well!


Walton Specialty Video can take your footage (VHS, Hi-8 or digital media please) and re-create a current piece of work which suitable for your purpose.  Give us a call to discuss your ideas.  Let us help you tell your story .......... (313) 444-5624


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